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Wrong asset being selected due to the Asset ID and Asset Tag being the same

Adrian Simpkins

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I am currently doing a deep dive on our asset data to get it into a workable state.

One of the things I have noticed is a large number of basic users appear to be selecting invalid assets - when I look further into this it appears that when searching for an asset if the customer does not enter the full asset tag, the values returned will include the asset id on another asset 

For example if one of our laptops is tagged LT12345 and the customer just enters 12345 the search will return this asset, as well as any other asset ID that matches, so if the asset id on LT12345 is 11111 this is fine, but if they enter just 12345 this brings up the asset id 11111 as well as any other asset id that matches i.e. 12345. This then means the customers are selecting the wrong asset 

Is there anyway to set it so that it only searches against matching Asset Tags rather than Asset ID and Asset Tag as this would solve this issue

Many thanks

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So far, I can't see anything that would be specific to controlling the search from searching both the ID and the name.  There are the custom forms that also include a Data Query search for assets, however this may display assets that you don't want users to see.  I've yet to test if this searches on just the name or the ID, so not yet sure if this would be an improvement.



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Hi James,

Thank you for looking

I can see there are some further options as to what to display in the asset node in the PC, where I can set it to just look at an asset class, and also an option to specify Contains, Starts With and Exact - However,  I cant see anywhere to put a Regex validation rule so it only looks for AA11111 rather than either 11111 or AA11111 - if I could insert the prefix as a regex validation rule somehow this would work.

I think if we can separate by class/type this would improve the 'issue', I would just have to rework the PC to filter to different asset fields / asset by class or type.

However it would still mean the customer could potentially come across the same issue if there are 2 desktops for example with the same Asset ID / Asset Tag



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