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Intermittent Business Process Failures

Will J Douglas

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Over the last week or so I've had a number of requests where the business process has failed with an error.  It has failed on different nodes including nodes completing basic activities such as changing a request status.

Its not happening on a large number of requests, maybe 8 in the last week but when it happens it leaves the request without an assigned team.

Latest example today:




This business process has failed at a node which assigns the owner based an engineer id assigned as the Site Engineer for a site.

In each case this issue has occurred, when I manually restart the failed business process it goes through successfully which suggests this is a transient issue and not related to the configuration.

This has only started happening in the last week or so.




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Hi Will, 

Thanks for your post.  If this is happening on different BPM nodes, that's tough to determine the issue.  We can keep an eye open for other reports of similar issues.  It might be worth having a look at individual nodes that have created an error, to see if we can find where each one may be going wrong.  For example, you mentioned the issue with the Sites form above.  While the configuration may be correct and work the majority of the time, it is possible that other factors could influence this.  The site set on a request can default to the customer's site, the analyst's site, a site selected in progressive capture, or it can be applied within the BPM.

In the example of the Site, do you have a Get Request Information BPM Automation that checks to make sure the site is assigned to the request prior to doing the assignment? 

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