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Single line text field in pro cap is returning the FAQ section when entering text

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All,

One of my Users has reported an issue where the Knowledge Center response is coming up when entering text into a request. As you can see from the below shots  when raising the request on the Employee portal it appears to trigger the Knowledge Center function and returns a response as below. This is not occurring if I raise the request using Raise New in Service Manager, and I have tried this on another one of my test logons which is a basic user, and I am seeing this appear there too.

I have all Knowledge Center Settings turned off and it is appearing still on both my basic and full User accounts. 

I have not raised a support ticket as I was unsure if anyone else had raised this


1st image is before entering text, 2nd shows the Knowledge Center function trigger


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I think I may have answered the issue, I found the below under Advanced Portal Settings but it is set to be a 'turn on' to deactivate, where as the other settings all appear to be 'turn off' to deactivate, which is a bit confusing so just wanted to highlight it in case anyone else has missed it :)


Home > System > Customize > Advanced Portal Settings

Turn the below ON to deactivate



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