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Is there a way to search the Direct Outbound mailbox?

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Our Direct Outbound mailbox holds emails for a month. Sometimes, an Approval email is missed by a user and we are requested to resend. 

Currently, we cannot find an option to search (by ex: request number). As a workaround, we are using Chrome's Search function. This function only works if we scroll to the bottom of the Direct Outbound Mailbox in order to load all emails. 

Is there a setting we need to turn on in order to be able to search the Direct Outbound mailbox?


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On 7/7/2022 at 10:16 AM, MichelleReaney said:

I was looking for this too then realised I am able to search in the sent items in the mailbox.



Thank you, though the Direct outbound has other generated emails for which we search, such as approvals or others.

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