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New UI suggestion

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but I can't find the 'other' suggestions for the new UI so I can't see whether this has been reported or not (I'm guessing it has!)

Anyway...I can see that there are some spacing issues in a few places on the new UI - I think the text just needs a little more spacing in a couple of areas. For instance, between the Category and the 'prompt' message in the resolution tab:



And between the 'Next' button and any input field:









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Guest Paul Alexander

Also, if you do a search which brings back more items than will fit on the page, and then scroll down; when you get to the bottom of the page instead of not trying to go any further, turning the mouse scroll wheel makes the page 'bounce' (this is quite hard to explain and even a picture won't help!)

On the OLD version, scrolling to the bottom of a page would just STOP at the bottom. The new page looks like it's continuing to try to scroll even though there's nothing else to scroll to...all I can suggest is to try it! :)

Also, the bottom entry in the list is now obscured by my taskbar:


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