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Stop Email updates on Resolved tickets?

Josh Bridgens

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Looking for a way to stop Email updates from users from being applied to tickets? hoping they can just be put in the inbox for the pertaining mailbox? Or for a way that the updates would revert the tickets back to an "open" status instead of resolved.... Any ideas welcome!



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We manage this very carefully although there are always ones that slip through the net.

For us when we send emails there is some text that we pick up to apply to the correct request and all other emails are left in the mailbox to deal with, which means that our service desk update the requests with follow on communications to resolved jobs and decide if they need re-opening etc.

However the issue still remains that when a request is resolved and a customer replies to the 'update email' then these will automatically apply leaving some requests in limbo as the customer is expecting a response but the analysts don't see them unless they go looking for these requests.

I guess the only way to truly fix this would be to change the workflows so that the requests are closed and you 'ignore' the resolved status, or maybe Hornbill can implement a flag so that if requests are resolved or closed then the emails don't apply to the request.

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hi Josh,

We have a similar issue where customers are responding to the Resolved email rather than reopening the request on the Employee Portal.

We have tried to negate this issue by making it very clear on the Resolved email that if the issue still persists the Customer needs to reopen the request, but this is often missed (or ignored), so these are then picked up by the 1st line team to action in the mailbox. Our 1st line team will then arrange reopening of the request if required.

I do not believe there is anyway currently to make a request auto reopen if a response is received against a request in the 5 day cool down for Resolution - As Jeremy suggests above it might need something from Hornbill to make  what you want happen (if possible)

Many thanks



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