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Requests raised around 3am are starting to fail again

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi @Victor

I recently raised a ticket about some requests that were failing around 3am each night, and this was identified as a problem with the indexing software, which I understand was fixed via an update patch. 

I wanted to highlight that I am noticing this again this last week, where I have had 2 requests fail when raised around 3am. Restarting the process fixes the issue, but I wanted to highlight this in case it was the same situation occurring again.

I have details of the 2 requests that failed if required

Many thanks

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Was there any response about this issue? @Adrian Simpkins 

@Hornbill Support Team We have a welfare process that relies on Service Manager working 24/7 and we have had an occurrence the other week were someone couldn't get the information that they needed as the business process failed at 3.04am and therefore had to wait until this request was assigned manually to get the information 5 hours late.

Other other instances of this failure have been people requesting Office accounts at 3am where they fail and again this then waits for us to manually do something to get the process to continue, it seems that for us the consistent issue apart from the time it is the assigning function that seems to not work at this time even though it is done as part of the BPM automatically.

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Hi Jeremy.

Hope you well :)

basically there is nothing that can be done to ensure these are processed at the time of raising - the advice received back was to restart the process once identified as a failed workflow. The requests I am seeing fail at this time are either automated incoming email requests, or someone on Nights just happening to raise a request around 3am. So in short, I do not think there is any fix as such other than restarting the failed workflow once identified - not such an issue for my requests as these are not time dependent, but if a request is time dependent this will of course impact any SLA's you have in place to action these. 

Might be worth highlighting this back to the Hornbill team as your issue may result in a different outcome to mine :)


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