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Email operations for Document Manager

andy densham

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Why are there no operations available in the System->Email->Routing Rules.

This seems to be a fairly important option that is missing!

I would like to create a report on one system, email it through to Hornbill, and then run it through a Business Process before storing it in a Library. My only option right now that I can see is to create new request and process it this way. 

If anybody has an alternative thought that would be helpful.

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@andy densham

Further to @TrevorHarriscomments above, this is not something that has ever come up before, it would be interesting to understand more about the use case you have?

One of the main issues with harvesting content/attachments from email messages is the unstructured nature of email messages, both format and encoding play a part, each mail system does things differently, the MIME encoding scheme is very flexible and the composition of email messages as a result can look very different depending on where the message was composed, what corporate filters its been through and what the receiving mail system does in terms of processing.  As a result its difficult to provide precise ways of automating the extraction of content from email messages

You stated "This seems to be a fairly important option that is missing!" can you give me some examples of other systems that would allow you to do this? its it something you were doing prior to using Hornbill?



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Hi Trevor,

The basic solution I wanted was to email Hornbill a report from an external system. The report comes through as an attachment. From that attachment create document and kick off a business process for somebody to review and sign off the document contents.

As I said I can create a ticket to do this, but I preferred the document option as I can then publish the document to a library, I have the full review process recorded and when I'm audited I can point the auditors to a document library for them to see all the reports that have been reviewed.

Before you say, I don't have the capability to call an API to create the document from the system generating the report.

Previous to this we've would do this manually.


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