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Unable to delete an image in update

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An update was added by a Support Analyst to a request with a pasted image, but this needs to be removed for data security reasons. We don't appear to have access to do this (Super User Role). Please can someone advise.





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@Caroline I believe if the following Service Manager setting is set as required then the user that created the update should be able to edit it, as long as the conditions in the description below are met:


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@Caroline Unfortunately the setting that @Deen mentions does not allow the removal of images.

I believe you're an Essentials Success customer, so if you can send in a Private Message the following:

  • The Request reference with the image
  • The precide time of the Timeline Update

I can start the process of getting this removed for you.


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Thanks all for the replies, I've sent Steve G the details for Hornbill removal. 


Are there any plans to allow users or superusers to do this? As mentioned, it is for data security reasons that we are looking to remove it, therefore we would like to be able to do this ourselves.

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