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Suspend node Expire period - what variables can be used?

Paul Alexander

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Guest Ehsan

Hi @Paul Alexander,

The 'Expire Period' attribute has to be in an ISO 8601 duration format.  The documentation links below explains the make-up of a duration value:

To give you an example, if I wanted to set the period to 1 day 5 hours 6 minutes, I would set the Expire Period to P0Y0M1DT5H6M0S.

I hope this helps.


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@Ehsan @Paul Alexander

When specifying a value in the Expire Period, do you have to specify the whole period syntax or can you use the shorter form?

For example I want to insert a expiry period of a number of days from a task variable (&[functions.getTaskAnswers("task-e8053916-70e9-4b61-4f50-e7c658357139").Followup]).

Do you have to use the full syntax as per your example


Or can you use






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