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Time (zone) displayed in Notices is not the same as the time (zone) displayed elsewhere in the User GUI - 1 hour out


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I have an issue with the date/time which appears in the Notices as being one hour different from the date/time our users specify. Since taking the screenshot I have successfully used the Date Formatter Cloud Automation to make the formatting better but this does not alter the time (zone). I believe the issue is caused by the system storing and using UTZ timezone in the background/DB and displaying that in Notices. However, wherever else in the system we display the Scheduled From and To date/time, it appears correctly for the user; except Notices. So it implies some kind of conversion that happens elsewhere in the GUI is not triggered for Notices.

I understand from Support that the application is working as designed...

So what I'm after is a workaround to force the Notice to use the Users GUI timezone (like the other times displayed) or to add an hour when we are in BST so I can get around this design limitation?


A second example after the date format tidy-up.


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