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How to add a new option

John C

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Hello @Victor I am hoping you can help me with something please?

Under the "People" category below I would like to create an option for staff to log a "Leaver" someone leaving the company, just with options for department and date, can you assist please?

I know nothing re Progressive Capture etc, this would get me out of a huge jam right now Victor, thanks as always...


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Hi @John C

Unfortunately there's very little to go on, here. It's not clear what you're trying to achieve.

Adding the category of Leaver is very simple - just select the "People" node, click "+ Item" and call the category "Leaver"

However, that has nothing to do with Progressive Capture (apart from there will be a new sub-category if you have a Choose Category node) and doesn't explain where the "options for department and date" come in. That last part does sound like a Progressive Capture question, but without a clear summary of your goals any suggestions would just be wild guesses.

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@Steve Giller thank you again for your response.

I am trying to set-up an option for an end user to log a ticket for a "Leaver" I already have an option for a new starter with various questions etc set up initially by Bob.

When they click on "New Starter Request" the end user then fills out the questions below.

I would like a similar option for "Leaver" with just the questions of Department and Date leaving?

I know how to add the category Leaver as you mentioned, it's the the whole configuring I need behind this to get it to towrk.

Hope this is more helpful!?



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@John C That's quite clear, thanks.

At the moment the best I can do is to point you to the documentation on the wiki pages, the Service Manager Progressive Capture is a good landing point and has links to further information.

Setting up the questions is relatively straightforward, and you can use the New Starter capture as a reference to adapt, but bear in mind that once the questions are answered it will need its own BPM Workflow to progress the Request, possibly its own email templates, then a CI to raise it against and possibly its own SLA etc, so it's not as simple as "Change this bit and away you go" by some margin.

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