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Altering a Human Task name does not carry-through to Expressions but still works

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I have noticed that if I alter the name of a Human Task that is referred to in an Expression after a Decision node, although the Expression continues to work, the old name of the Human Task is retained in the logic expression as displayed. I am not reporting the system not working but it is a confusing factor when examining logic Expressions and might I suggest this is addressed in future?


The Task was called "Confirm Offline Approvers" and is referred to from the 3 Approvers expression. The task was renamed to, "Change Manager: List Offline Approvers". but the logic expression retains the old name.


After revision, the expression is as below:


Since the system already caters for the integrity of the expression (thank goodness!) and continues to work it would be a logical step to also reflect this in an updated expression...



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