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Remove "Document has been updated" Feed Messages

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It seems that any time an action is taken on a document, the actual action is noted in the feed, as well as the message "Document has been updated".

Is there a way to prevent this message from always populating? or can this be modified to include more helpful information? 



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Hi Steven,

Users can control their notifications from within their Hornbill User Profile. 


These notification options can be found here...


Having the entry in the Timeline is an important part of having an audit trail.  Is there any particular information that you would like to see along with this entry?  The way that I use this is that after saving a document I will add a comment with a brief description of what I did.  

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Hi James,

It seems like for every update, two messages get posted to the timeline, the 'Document has been updated' as well as the actual change made (example from above: 'Next Review date set as _______').  Logically, if a user sees the 'Next review date set', they will know that the document has been updated. 
Ideally, these would be combined into one message, with the goal being a more condensed timeline. Though maybe there are many cases where the system will only post the 'Document has been updated'  with out additional info. 





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