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Hornbill Request Search Results: Sort/Filter


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Good afternoon,

In the process of asking teams for potential improvements a number of our staff have asked for an improvement to the results when searching for requests in Hornbill.

Specifically, this relates to the global search box. When used, the results appear in what I presume is closest match order however the results can neither be sorted or filtered in the same way the requests list can.

I am aware of the drop down that allows you to filter before submitting the search but it would be more useful to filter after the search.

The requests lists filters also give us more options which I would expect in the requests search like date range (raised/updated/resolved/closed/reopened)

Would it be possible to look at adding this type of functionality to the results?

I have suggested our users turn to the requests list to search requests but I do feel the power of the request list search is lacking from the global request search.

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Hi Alex

Thanks for your post.  I find that one of the most helpful tools within the global search is the AND operator between search terms.  Using this, you can quickly reduce the number of results that are returned. In my opinion, anything over a page of results, I'm unlikely to read through them to find the one I'm looking for.  Instead, I adjust my criteria. The link provided in Mary's response includes some of the advanced operations that can be used in the Global Search.  

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Thank you for the advice @Mary @James Ainsworth

I certainly see the benefit of using the advanced search commands to help reduce the number of results and I will promote them to our users.

In a meeting yesterday a colleague pointed out that a search they ran returned over 10 pages of results and none of the first few pages were from this year.

I pointed out that we can add conditions to the search and the feedback was that agents performing the search may not know the best terms to add to the search to return the best results.

For example, they may not know which team the call was raised to, who the customer was, who the owner was but they had a good idea when the call was and the global requests search did not allow them to specify a date range nor the ability to filter or sort the results by date.

In this example I agree the advanced search options help, I still think there is still a real user benefit to result filtering and sorting.

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