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Delegate User Administration

Steve 3T

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I want to delegate access to managing users in Service Manager.

I want non admin users to be able to create, update and delete users.

I cannot find a built in role for this. I tried to create my own with the following roles, but the users are getting errors when they click on the "new user" icon (it's actually greyed out).

Roles: Create Users, Delete Users, Manage Users, Update Users.

Error: "You do not have rights to access table 'h_sys_accounts_tmplts'" and "You do not have rights to access the table: 'h_msg_mailboxes'"

Please can someone guide me on what's missing? I cannot see any other role which would logically resolve the errors.

Many thanks.



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Hi Steve,

Have you considered automating this? If you had a request that can be raised for the creation or management of users, you could use the BPM with the request or Auto Tasks with Custom Buttons on the request to fulfill some or possibly all of this.  The BPM has elevated rights, so there is no need to give any particular user more rights than what they need.  It might be a bit of work to set up initially, but once in place there is less chance of error when automated.  


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