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Include "Links" in the Search Boxes


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Good afternoon,

I would like to request that include links in the Searches on the Employee Portal.

We have been using Links instead of My Services as we feel they look better and gives us a bit more freedom about what we can include, such as having a link to another portal, or links to a SharePoint page sitting alongside links to our Services.  It is harder to maintain, but it's a price worth paying for a better user experience. In fact, I've seen others on the forums also doing the same thing.

I would like to request to allow links to be searchable on the Employee Portal search boxes. 

  • If a Search Widget is linked to a domain, then it should return links created in that domain.
  • Links being searchable by default can be enabled or disabled using a global setting
  • The links themselves can be set to be searchable or not when creating/updating them, this means we can have some links visible in search and others not.  The global setting will be used to set the setting for the individual link unless changed manually.

For info, we haven't yet gone LIVE with the Employee Portal due to other commitments and other projects.

Here is an example of the Links Widget being used for Services and a link to an external Portal (please ignore the duplicate Printers link as I was doing some testing)

Here is what it could look like in the Search.  In my fake scenario below, the other links above are not Searchable, but as they are linked to Services from the Services Portfolio, they can be found under the Service tab already if they are searched on.



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Good morning,

I am wondering if this can be looked at by someone from Hornbill, to see if this is something that is possible?



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