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E-mail update to all linked request contacts to a major incident

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Currently, when a major incident occurs and multiple tickets are linked to the Master Ticket, there is no way for us to email out to the contacts of the linked ticket to let them know of the progress of it

Is there a way to do this currently or if not, can it be a enhancement?

The function to update and resolve the ticket and the linked tickets is possible. It would be good to have the same functionality for when we need to email out to the linked tickets contacts

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@mojahidm there is an option here but not on the Email action.

If there are tickets linked to the Major Incident, you can add a Customer visibility update and choose to have the update applied to all linked requests.


Each linked ticket would then be updated.

Against the service which the linked tickets are logged against, if you have the following setting enabled, it will send an email to the customer of each linked ticket, letting them know there is an update on their ticket and a link to the update for them to view - when they view this, it will be the text from the update you have added to the parent MI.


I take your point on the Email linked tickets, and will raise this for discussion with the development team.

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We have been looking at this enhancement for a while but since the update can send an email out, I'm not sure its as important.

Is this enabled for your instance?

I was looking for the instructions (thanks @Steven Boardman) - it works well in our instance.


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@Steven Boardman
I'm answering on behalf of @mojahidm since we are part of the same organisation.
The solution you provided enabling the Notify Customer does not work for us since we support external organisations in several different languages and are contractually bound to communicate with them in their native language.
The Notify Customer uses an email template and there is no provision for enabling translations of email templates, something that would solve not only this but several issues we are having with Hornbill and to which we have had to create workarounds.

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@HHH One advanced option you could possibly explore for this could be the ESP Conditions in email templates.

This feature allows you to display text in the email template based on, for example the language of the customer of the ticket (coworker or contact)


Whilst perhaps a little work depending on the number of languages you support, this would allow the email template which is sent to customers when an update is applied, to Only display the text in the email which is relevant to the language set against the contact

So in essence, the email template would contain each language version of the text you want to include, configured in it, for example:

Hello Customer

Bonjour client

Hallo Kunde

then for each block of the text, you could use the ESP condition builder and build the condition around the customer language


Which would determine if it is then displayed in the email when it is sent to the customer. 

As i say it could involve some work, and you may not feel it fits your need, but i wanted to mention it as an option


ESP Conditions section 

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