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BPM branch decided on User Organisation membership


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Good afternoon,

I am testing the ability to update a request with a flag to say that a request has come from an authorised requestor.

I currently identify authorised requestors by Organisation membership.

Updating a request isn't a problem, I can see how to add a flag to a summary or add to an external reference field however if I try to fetch Organisation details using the Hornbill Automation: Service Manager > Application > Organisation > Get Organisation Details I get a BPM failure "Xmlmc method invocation failed for BPM invocation node"

I'm pretty sure I'm using the wrong option to fetch details however I cannot see Organisation membership when I look at Get User Details, Get User Custom Attributes, Get User Groups or Get User Manager Details.

What details would you recommend fetching in order to branch decided on User Organisation membership?

Your help would be appreciated

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Hi Alex,

In Admin there is the Organisation area where you can define the different Groups within your organisation.  Groups within the organisation can be teams, departments, cost centres, companies, etc.  I would think that the Hornbill Automation that you are looking for is the Get User Groups.  This will get all of the groups that the customer of the request belongs to.  You can then add a decision node and branch on the desired group name.

Let us know if that helps or if you need some more information.


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Thank you for the advice.

I have set a decision to say if Organisation group 1-10 contains authorised requestor to perform the additional actions.

I have tried Get User Groups and it requires the UserId which I have tried to obtain by using Get User Information however that Get User Groups doesn't see the UserId and fails.

I have tried defining the UserId by the UserId variable but that still fails.

I changed Get User Groups to Get Manager Details and that also requires the UserId and that worked (until the BP reached the Organisation group decision).

I'm missing something here, I'm sure the finest tweak would get me to where I need to be .

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@AlexOnTheHill yep the error is suggesting the user id is not being found.

I've attached a test BPM which you could try, this works for me as expected 


1. Get Customer ID from the Get Customer node

2. Get Customer groups using the output param from the first node


3. Output the users groups to the timeline

This should at least prove that you are able to get the userid of the customer of the request, and output their groups to the timeline - then if that works, you can add in your decisions based on the group output 

Hope that helps


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