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Employee Portal - Customer Feedback Survey When a customer has submitted a ticket - capturing feedback on the portal

Adam Toms

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Hello all,

We're always trying to look at different ways on how we can improve the self service, that our customers use when using the employee portal. Whether that's better description of catalogue items, FAQ items etc.

We currently have a customer feedback survey, but that's largely targeting what was their experience like with IT and how quickly we resolved their issue etc.

What we would like to do is have some sort of ability that when a customer logs a ticket via the employee portal, that some sort of very brief survey could be taken, where we ask did the customer find what they were looking for? How easy was it to find the request etc?

I can't see anyway of obviously enabling this or configuring this with current tools. But it would be something, that would benefit us, and also potentially benefit all Hornbill customers, of which we can improve the customer experience when using the employee portal.

Any feedback regarding the above, to whether it's possible, or whether it's possible to request this as enhancement will be welcome.

Many Thanks.


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Thanks Steve.

I was looking at like a pop up window after the request has been logged, that would appear at random. As I fear the our customer would just add this information in with details about the request.

I wonder now if what you have suggested could work for us, or whether once the details had been captured in the PCF we could add something in before the process competes.

So I'll certainly take a look into that and do some testing.



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There isn't anything separate, and we don't have a "random" function so it would be all requests or none.

I'm not overly familiar with your ProCaps but if you're focusing on the experience of raising a request (or even not having to because the solution was offered during the process) you should be able to build a form with a few simple questions that have drop-down answers - something like (but better than):

Based on the information you received did you need to raise a Request (Yes/No)
(If Yes) How easy was it to raise a Request (1-5)
(If No) How useful was the information you found (1-5)
Would you send your colleagues here if their stuff was broken (Yes/No)

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Thanks @Steve Giller for confirming there isn't anything separate and there is not a random function.

Having a think further on this we could have a separate catalogue item that we could link to in a bulletin post, of which we have started using on the employee portal, and that seems positive, perhaps we could capture their feedback, via that method. I don't think it's going to be appropriate to do on every single progressive capture. But we would could then use that as an option, and then turn that bulletin off and on from time to time, and use that a potentially a way of capturing this.

Thanks again for all your help with this. I've now got some ideas on how we can progress this.

Many Thanks



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