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Using the Accepted Solution option in Service Manager


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The Solutions button in Service Manager is very useful but I have noticed that when selecting one of the solutions as the Accepted Solution the limitation of the Resolution tab means all the images are cut out. 

Viewing the solution looks great. 



But when selecting this as the Accepted Solution its of no use. 


Is there a setting that would allow the images to be present in the resolution and the subsequent email? Getting them in to the email that goes out for the resolution is the important part of this. 

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Hi Andy,

Thanks for your post.  We are aware of this and hope to look at alternative ways of presenting this information.  The problem is that the FAQ contains rich content, and the resolution field is just a text field, so the images can't be stored.  There is a change in our backlog to investigate this.  I'll make sure that your interest is added to the change.



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