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How to edit Department field in Asset Manager

John C

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@Steve Giller no I wasn't but thank you....


Trying to see if possible to add my own state, as in "In Stock" for example, but option not available, only for substate, but this is no good as the state does not reflect what I want either....

@ArmandoDM think there should be a default for "In Stock" option somewhere in an asset register, perhaps you could mention to your R&D Dept, thanks....

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Hi John,

Steve's earlier comment shown below is correct.

On 6/25/2021 at 1:59 AM, Steve Giller said:

I believe the concept here is that an Asset that is "In Stock" is a "Current" Asset, Once it's Deployed it's "Active" and when it's been removed from use it's "Archived" so based on that, "In Stock" would be a sub-state of "Current"

However, you can simply change the name of these three states using the translations.  Below is from the Admin, under Home->Applications->Service Manger->Translations.  Simply type the string h_record_state to get the related items.  You can rename these 3 states to something that is more suitable to you and then use the substate to further define these areas.  


I hope that helps.


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