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Email routed tickets not getting SLA

Mark Priest

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We have set up an email routing policy to automatically log tickets from certain users into a request list, assigned to a team but with no owner. It also assigns a priority when the ticket is logged but no SLA is with the ticket. It doesn't pick one up when the ticket is then assigned to a user.


Manually logged tickets all pick up the SLA all the time. Is there a something I should be doing when routing tickets from emails so that the pick up the SLA? Ideally we need this as need to raise when it gets breached for these users



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@Mark Priest bit difficult to diagnose this... it depends on so many factors... what criteria are you using on SLA/SL rules? Do you have SLA/SL automatic update enabled? Do request raised by routing rule spawn a different workflow than the one that spawns when manually raising a request? If a different workflow do you have a nodes to start timers in there?

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Hi thanks for the response. We use the same workflows for both and they all have the start timers set in the BPM. I have noticed that the issue may be that when we only pick a Service but not a category then the SLA is not picked up. But when a category is selected the SLA appears. For example Service Request is Laptop support - no catalog item selected then no SLA appears. Service Request - Laptop Support - Catalog item Software Issue then a SLA appears 


Is there a way that the SLA should appear when the Service is selected ?

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