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Updating Implementation Plan (and other information) later in the lifecycle


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When our Hornbill Service Manager was put in place, our consultant set-up the PCF Questions to capture all the information like Implementation Plan, Rollback Plan, etc. But then we found out such information could not be edited later in the lifecycle. Our last internal Administrator then moved to capturing the information using Human Tasks for each 'Plan' and posting them to the timeline. But now we find that not only does this mean the parts of the plan are scattered down the Timeline but editing them is doing just that and not actually altering some underlying content that can then be used later.

All we seek is a way for all the core fields relating to building the Change Request to be stored and editable through the lifecycle (i.e. if the Peer Reviewer asks for more info, or the Change Manager does or CAB does. They would then be fixed at the point of submitting for approval/authorisation.

I cannot help but think that neither of the ways we've seen are very good. The requirement here is very simple and should be easy. How can the Requester be given a set of fields to use to build-out the details of a Change, editing when required? What facility are we missing in Service Manager for this?!

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@Berto2002 There are various options available to you.

One of which is in progressive capture, you can map your progressive capture questions to the desired change request fields


The following change specific fields are available for you to map too.

All you need to do is name the field in progressive capture h_backout_plan for example and it will map the answer to the backout plan field in the Details section of the change request


Those fields are then editable at any time in the change lifecycle using the edit button in the details section


Hope that helps



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