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Strange notifications coming through on requests I have no interactions with?

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All,

I have just had 2 notifications pop up on my Windows and when I look at the requests they are linked to they are requests I have had no interactions with.

As an example I have had  notification on one of these requests telling me an email was sent on a request for feedback. However when looking at the request it is something I have had zero interactions with? Normally i would not expect to see a notification when the system has sent an automatic email - in this case an automatic email to chase for feedback?

Definitely something I have not seen previously



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Just to follow up on this one I have had 16 notifications on one request that was resolved around 1.40 as per below screen shot - again as per the previous request this is a request I have had no interactions on, but have received 16 notifications in a minute ?


Many thanks

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