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Changing Company Home name


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Hi @Tina.Lapere

I hope you are well firstly.

Usually this is due to the change not being published after changing the title. 

Once you change the title in the designer, you click save at the top:


Then after that, the Publish button needs to be hit for all other users to see the change:


If the title is still not showing on another machine after publishing, try the old CTRL + F5 to reload the cache.

The designer will stay showing anything saved on the browser of the user that pressed 'Save' even without publishing, but all other users won't see the title change until it's Published. 

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@Conor Yes I'm good thanks - I hope you and the family are too.

We made this change ages ago to be fair but I've just added a 1 and published it




but it's not showing on the other pages even for me



Am I right in assuming this should now say Service Desk1?




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Hi @Tina

Good spot, it looks like the title is only for the Home Page, so once you click onto a domain page it will show the original title. I cannot seem to find a specific setting for this in the employee portal customisation options, however I've managed to change it using a translation string.

If you go to Admin -> System -> Language -> Translations and search for 'user.view.page.home' you'll be able to change the title on the domain pages as well:



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In mcatalog.hornbill.com on our instance it still says "Company Home" instead of the name we defined, yet both translation strings have been set.

Is there a different place to translate Company Home to IT Self Service Portal in the mobile catalog?

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