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SQL Request Importer - Logging and Closure Category Mapping what Service Manager Value to pass?

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@Steve G @Victor 

Can I clarify which value related to the Logging and Closure category is to be entered into the 'CategoryMapping' and 'ResolutionCategoryMapping' sections. In the example json files it mentions ID for the former and Code latter, but neither have an actual example value.

  "CategoryMapping": {
    "External Category": "Service Manager Category ID"
  "ResolutionCategoryMapping": {
    "External Resolution Profile Code": "Service Manager Resolution Profile Code"

At the moment I have tried the code as copied from the admin screen with the - delimiter and also the key value from the same screen but to no avail.



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Okay after going though different combinations, for the Logging Categories you need to pass the 'Code' value from the Admin Tool (bit in blue) in the mapping section.

Perhaps the example json can be updated to reflect this, i.e. remove the mention of Category ID and replace with Category Code.


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