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Request Import - Bypass Priority/Team/Category/Service/Catalog/Status Mapping

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@Steve G @Victor

Is is possible to disable or bypass the Priority/Team/Category/Service/Catalog/Status Mapping on the Request Import tool? 

The reason for asking is that we do a loot of our mapping and data cleansing in the an interium database and already have the priority, service, status, catalog id mapped in the source data. However at the moment we have to add the values in the mapping to map the same to the same to get it to load.

 "StatusMapping": {
    "External Status": "Service Manager Status",
	"status.open": "status.open",
    "status.onHold": "status.onHold",
    "status.new": "status.new",
    "status.closed": "status.closed",
    "status.cancelled": "status.cancelled"

We would like to bypass the mapping and insert the values in from the source query.



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For example my mapping section is large even before I have added in Team and Profile code mapping.

For larger migration from other tools, we use complex lookups in the interim database to determine the target Service and Catalog combinations, inserting the Hornbill Id's into that logic, so just need to pass them through without mapping.


  "PriorityMapping": {
    "External Priority": "Service Manager Priority",
  "TeamMapping": {
    "External Team ID": "Service Manager Team Name"
  "CategoryMapping": {
    "External Category": "Service Manager Category ID"
  "ResolutionCategoryMapping": {
    "External Resolution Profile Code": "Service Manager Resolution Profile Code"
  "ServiceMapping": {
    "External Service Name": "Service Manager Service Name",
	"844":"Idox Cloud Service Desk",
	"772":"Idox Cloud Building Control",
	"802":"Idox Cloud Care",
	"806":"Idox Cloud Dog Licensing (NI)",
	"810":"Idox Cloud HSE (ROI)",
	"794":"Idox Cloud Building Control and Fire Management (ROI)",
	"842":"Idox Cloud Online Portal",
	"796":"Idox Cloud Environmental Health (NI)",
	"846":"Idox Cloud Leisure Centre Management",
	"812":"Idox Cloud Licensing",
	"800":"Idox Cloud Public Protection",
	"808":"Idox Cloud Affordable Warmth",
	"814":"Idox Cloud Planning",
	"798":"Idox Cloud Home Safety"
  "ServiceCatalogItemMapping": {
    "External Service Catalog Item Name":1,
  "StatusMapping": {
    "External Status": "Service Manager Status",
	"status.open": "status.open",
    "status.onHold": "status.onHold",
    "status.new": "status.new",
    "status.closed": "status.closed",
    "status.cancelled": "status.cancelled"



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