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Customer Success Portal - Ability to see Requests raised by a colleague

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There are 2 of us who support Hornbill and raise Customer Success Requests. This may increase to 3 later in the year.

I can't see any way that I can view Requests raised by my colleagues to see any updates (a particular problem with something urgent or periods of sickness/holiday). Something like using the Connections functionality would be ideal rather than 'My Staff Requests'. Is this possible and if not can it be considered as an enhancement? I would like this as a default rather than asking on the basis of individual Requests.


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@VictorMarvellous and all works well for us. 

Just a thought - is this functionality available in our own portal? We don't have an Org Structure currently set up but maybe something for the future. If it is available then is it possible to determine the level of My Organisation or is just at the top level (which would be meaningless as it would show all Requests)?

I suspect that My Staff's Requests is the only version available in our portal but just wanted to check.

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