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Mailbox - Applying emails to requests


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I think that I can guess the answer to this one, but thought I'd ask....

When Applying emails to Requests via the button in the Mailbox:


Where it lists the customers request on the left is there a way to turn this off for specific mailboxes?

We have a department that is using Service Manager but want to enter this number manually.

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further to this question, if analysts are in supporting teams do they only see the services/requests that they are listed as supporting or when applying emails to requests do you see all requests in this list?

I hope that makes sense....

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After some testing, it appears that when people are in supporting teams these teams/services are not being restricted when coming to applying emails to requests.

i.e. if there is someone is not a member of a supporting team and updates a job the summary etc are exposed to the analyst that should not (in our opinion) see these details, they should only able to see the reference number to apply the email.

This to us a bit of a GDPR concern as there are some requests that can have sensitive details in the summaries of the requests.

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