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Is there a way to clean a custom field once it is set and used?
the idea is that in a human task a value is captured and stored on a custom field, based on this value an autotask will run, at the end of the autotask i would like the custom field to be "empty" (null)

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20 minutes ago, Jeremy said:

just update it via the BPM and either enter a blank value or enter null

A blank value will not update the field and enter null will store the "null" value as a string in teh custom field (assuming the field accepts strings otherwise it won't do anything).

IICR you cannot empty values.

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@Victor can you please raise this to the developers to be added into the roadmap?!?
what about updating the custom field with an empty custom field

e.g. Custom 0= "xxxvalue"
Custom M= "" (empty because never used)
hornbill automation update custom field->variable Custom M

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