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Scheduled Change information

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Afternoon all, hopefully a quick and easy one. In our Change Management BPM we have the below element. 


What I would like to do is upon completion of this element is email a DL with the information about the change and the schedule that was chosen. The question, is there a way to pull the information that was selected in the above regarding dates and time from the schedule? I can't see anything obvious. 

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@AndyHill In order to do this, in your business process you would need to follow the above suspend action with the following

* Get Request Info - to get the updated scheduled dates

* Use the Email Notification option and send an email template (specifying the relevant email template entity)


* Use an email template which includes the relevant Request / Change Details you want to share - Remembering you can choose to create an email template using the Change entity type, which will have all the Change specific attributes and the general Request attributes available as variables.  



Hope that helps

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