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On Team Reassignment - The ability for Hornbill to apply assignment rules such as 'round robin'


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We would like to explore if an enhancement to request reassignment can apply team based auto assignment rules. Currently we have round robin on requests that are raised to the Service Desk team , but when our Service Desk team triage a call and it need to go to 3rd Line , 3rd line assignment rules dont apply ? 




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@simonadams Thanks for the post.

The assignment rules are part of the process automation options, so  as you say they apply wherever they are applied in your business processes, and the most common position for this is after the ticket is initially logged.

You can of course automate the assignment and assignment rules at any other defined point in your business processes, so for example if the investigation by the servicedesk resulted in an escalation to the 3rd line, this could perhaps be a task outcome in your investigation flow, and if the outcome of the task was assign to 3rd line, your business process could use the assignment option at that point and any assignment logic you wanted to be applied - i.e round robin, most available.

Another option available to you which is arguably more flexible and dynamic and would not need to build this logic into your ticket workflow, would be Auto Tasks and a custom button.


You could have an auto-task created for 3rd line escalations, and the auto task flow can use the assignment option, and any assignment logic you wanted to configure.  This auto-task could be presented as a custom button on the ticket forms, named accordingly and even with conditions set on when it was visible 


This does not use the assignment action bar option but could give you a solution in the absence of configurable assignment rules on the assignment action bar option.

There are also the option to lock and unlock specific action bar options (reassignment) at any point in a business process, and or hide the reassignment action option entirely, if the custom button approach worked for you - this can be set per service and request type, so could be applied to the processes which are applicable. 

Hope that helps



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