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Attach automated emails to timeline

Michael Sharp

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If you mean can you record the action on the timeline - yes; set either System Timeline Update to Manual/Yes or Manual Timeline Update to Manual and enter the required Text/Variable.

If you mean (as I suspect) that you want it to behave as the Email Action does and put the email body in the timeline, I don't believe this is possible, but the View Email option will allow you to see it.

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@Michael Sharp 

28 minutes ago, Michael Sharp said:

you would want to see the actual correspondence sent to a customer

You can, using the View Email option on the timeline entry.

Assuming we talking about emails sent by the workflow, they are using a template therefore you can add a node in the workflow to create a timeline entry with that template content...

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Thanks @Victor I thought about creating a node but is that variable based on content or would that be hard coded?  Thinking the template AND node would otherwise have to be adjusted when changes are made to the template?
I didn't realise the VIEW EMAIL option was there so a good workaround for now.


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On 6/9/2021 at 10:23 AM, Michael Sharp said:

is there a reason why this is a limitation?  Surely you would want to see the actual correspondence sent to a customer?

For Automated emails the content tends to be virtually the same every time, and the values that change would normally be available in other areas of the Request (e.g. Customer Name, Summary/Details etc.) so having those details replicated on the timeline would in most cases just be clutter - it is normally sufficient to have a brief note to confirm that the email has been sent.

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