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Supplier Assets - Linked requests

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Morning All

Hope you are all well.  

When you go on to a supplier asset (and we would imagine any asset) and click on the linked requests it brings up all the requests in the order oldest first. Now when you have a supplier with lots of incidents/change requests linked (such as one supplier  has 31 pages) it is time consuming to get to the recent pages every time. Each time you do click to the end and work back and find the request you want and open the incident for example, when you have finished and come out of it and want to look at another one, you have to do that same thing again. This can be quite frustrating when you have a few to look at. We quite often use the linked requests to ensure everything is captured on the reports and to check whether assets have been attached etc. It would be a lot easier if these were listed most recent first as I would imagine not many people will be looking at the oldest ones and it would certainly be easier for us if the recent ones were first.

Is this something that could possibly be looked at and changed if worthwhile?  There may be a way of changing the view but I cant seem to see how.  Thank you.

Kind Regards


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