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EspMethodCall::invoke: Operation[data::entityAddRecord] A database or query error occurred while inserting the primary record data into the database.

Mark (ESC)

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That will either mean that you've missed a mandatory field, or you've entered a "friendly" (e.g. text description) value where there should be a numeric value (i.e. the id)

Off the top of my head the operationalState would be a likely candidate, but I'd need to dig into the tables to be sure.

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... and I should be looking better next time to actually see the CSV has already been attached... oh, well...  I have my moments...

So... @Mark (ESC) it's the location type, operational state.... For example, in the CSV the operational state field has the value as "operational". The correspondent field in the assets table needs a numeric value. You can find this info (and other info about field types for assets) in admin tool:


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