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Analyst is moving into another team

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Hi there,

If an analyst moves from one team to another I assume I will manually have to update the roles?

Guess I will need to do checks on things like documents owned, access to boards, request views etc.

I'm hoping most of the above were shared under the team name rather than individual.


Anything else which may need checking?




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Hi Shamaila,

Thanks for your post.  There may be a variety of deferent ways that things like documents, boards, requests, etc have been shared or provided access to this particular user so this will depend on how things have been configured.

Many entities such as documents and boards can be given access using roles, organisation groups (such as Teams), or individually.  So depending on how this has been set up, this will determine if some of the access will be removed when a role is removed or if the user is removed from a particular team.

  • In document manager there is an option to change ownership of documents if that is required.


  • If the user is no longer requiring a role because their job has changed, the this can be done through the User Profile in Admin.
  • You may also want to look at any of the BPM workflows in case they are being directly assigned any tasks.
  • You should be able to use the request list "Multi Select" option to re-assign any requests where that user is the owner of the request.  
  • If you use Collaboration Workspaces you can also see which workspaces that user is an owner of and re-assign to someone else if needed.  Also, other workspace owners may want to consider if that user is a member of their workspace, if they should be removed or not.


  • Mailbox access could be another area to look at.

Hope that helps.



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