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Parameters for Hornbill Automation - Update Customer on a Request. And Wiki guidance

RIchard Horton

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I'm trying to set the customer for a request on a Business Process. I'm struggling to work out where the Wiki info is that would help me. The artlcle on Hornbill Automation doesn't say much and words like Update Request and Customer lead you into woods for trees territory. Is there a page you can point me to ? 

Specifically, here is what I am trying to do. For temporary test purposes I want to hard code a specific customer. When I look at the Co-worker field below it has a Manual option to enter a User, but I haven't managed to enter any text. The drop down shows nothing and while it lets me enter text (I'm assuming that it might be the User ID that I need possibly in quotes) I can't get it to save it. 

So, I'm interested in my specific little case and also how I find more info on the Wiki. Given that the way the automation works is that for your application the scope choices change and so on I was wondering if the Wiki might work similarly ie what is your application ? Here are the Scope choices. Pick one and it gives you the Entity choices relevant to your selection, until you end up on the right page for explaining the parameters for the Task you have chosen in its context.  




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Hi @RIchard Horton  

The various Business process operations are all documented here: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Service_Manager_Business_Process_Workflow

The fact you have found the update customer option will mean you are working in the right application and scope, so your on the right track.

If you scroll down to the Update Request section, there is an expandable section on the Update Customer operation


In the scenario you have described above you can do the following:

* Request ID = Auto

* Coworker = Manual 

* Contact = Ignore

* Coworker (From Variable) = Ignore

* Contact (fFrom Variable = Ignore

* System Timeline Update = Ignore

* Manual Timeline Update = Ignore

* Visibility = Ignore

If you configure these options and assuming for your testing the customer is an internal user (either yourself, an agent or a supported user), then the Coworker field needs to be populated

When you set this to Manual you will see a drop down selector

* User - This is a list of all coworkers who are of type User i.e are a subscribed Hornbill user - agents etc

* Basic - This is a filtered list of all coworkers who are of type Basic i.e are not a subscribed user - supported employees

* All - This is an unfiltered list of all coworkers (Basic and User types)


Once you have chosen one of the above, if you start to type the user name into the following field it will return any matching users of that type


You will need to select the correct user from the drop down, the field will not accept a free text entry and will simply clear any value you type into it .

If no results are returned in your list, perhaps check you have user accounts which are active on your instance.

Hope that helps


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