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I have been cleaning up the selectable categories when creating and resolving calls. So far I have only touched the creation categories but have noticed where I have deleted some (that are no longer required) the old tickets now show no category. 

I would have thought the old tickets would have still retained the old category information as (incorrectly) assumed they would have taken a snapshot of that when logged and not live update when categories are changed. 

Before I go ahead and start messing with the resolution categories am I going to see the same issue. Is there a way to hide category items to avoid this issue but make it so people can't select them? Obviously old tickets losing the information makes legacy reports kind of useless. 

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Hi Andy,

I've done a test and it does appear to be retaining the category.  It might just be a UI issue.  If you look at where the category is displayed within the Information panel of a request, do you still see the info icon and when you hover over this, is it showing the deleted category?


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Hi @AndyHill

As James suggests, this is only a UI issue. As you had thought, category information against the requests is retained even if the category is deleted. This means your old reports should be unaffected. Furthermore, from the basic tests I have done with closure categories you will not encounter a similar UI issue with these.

As for the UI issue with request categories, we have raised a problem for this and will update this thread with any progress.

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@AndyHill The following defect has been fixed and will be included in the next release of the Service Manager application.

"When a request category is deleted it is no longer visible against requests it had previously been selected for"

We expect the release to be next week.

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