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Hi @Steven Boardman,

We have decided to have the User Visibility set to 'All Users' for all our pages and there are some links that we'd like to share with a small handful of customers rather than everyone because it wouldn't be applicable. If we could add permissions to certain links in the Links Widget based on the User ID or even a specific role, that would be really helpful.

Many thanks,



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Hi @Alisha I am not aware of any imminent plans to get to that level of granularity on individual links.

You do have the option to make Domain pages Only available to certain users, so you could have links widgets with those specific links on on domain pages, which the few customers who need to use them only have access too.


Domain pages can be marked as public - which will mean all users will be able to view them and the widgets on those pages

Domain pages be be marked as not public -  for those pages, only users who are subscribed to at least one service which is in turn linked to the Domain will have access to those pages and in turn any widgets on those pages.

So a possible option is having a Domain Page which has your link widgets on which only those users need access to, and perhaps a service which has the required users subscribed too it, which in turn is linked to a specific Domain.  If the domain is not public, then only the required users will see the domain page in the menu of pages and would be able to access any content you wish to share privately with them on the employee portal.

Just a suggestion of course 


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