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Portal Login Prompt Update


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Good afternoon,

I recently submitted a request to have the login prompt updated so that the Harry Hornbill logo no longer covered the login buttons.

It appears that this has been done but only on the admin.hornbill.com website, not on live.hornbill.com.

Would it be possible to update the live.hornbill.com login page?

Also, when a monitor is put in portrait orientation the Harry Hornbill logo on the admin page is separated from the arrow pointing to the login button:


This has been posted previously here but doesn't seem to have had a response in the last day.

Your help is most appreciated

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This will be released on live.hornbill.com, but there are other changes that are being worked on there which aren't quite ready so unfortunately that release has been delayed but it will be available soon.  Thanks for reporting the misalignment that will be fixed soon



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