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Multi-select function gets stuck during processing - need to close browser window


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I have started using the Multi-select to fix some data: Multi-Select Actions - Hornbill

But I cannot get more than between 2 and 4 tickets to update at once: the process stops processing before completing most of the time but does not give information as to why.

In the attached screenshots, you will see I selected 10 Email support tickets and the process stopped after doing 60%. I closed the browser, repeated my search and then found 4 tickets remaining; which I then completed with another run.

I tried again with another category and it got stuck on 33% of 6 (i.e. after only 2 being processed).

What am I doing wrong or is there an issue here?

Thanks in advance





Multi ticket update getting stuck 25 May 2021 b.png

Multi ticket update getting stuck 25 May 2021 c.png

Multi ticket update getting stuck 25 May 2021 d.png

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Guest Mohamed

Hi @Berto2002

This is odd behaviour and multiple requests should resolve without the need of being completed in batches. To understand the issue better, the request(s) that you were trying to resolve, did they have any outstanding tasks / activities or anything? 



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In the attached example, I attempted 4 tickets. It completed the final one on the list first (...7364) and then got stuck. I wonder if order is a thing here. I noted that that ticket that processed was 'white' not 'blue'. Maybe that has a bearing. Only one of those tickets was assigned only to a group, not an individual but I cannot see how that would affect it. None of them had any open Assignments/tasks. They are all using the same Incident workflows and PC forms.

What else can I get you?

Multi ticket update getting stuck 27 May 2021.png

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@Mohamed I need to tidy-up now so I'll go ahead and make the rest of the multi-ticket updates. We have fixed our workflow now so we won't get this recurring on Incident but I will be back to do the Service Requests in due course so if you need anything more from me, let me know. At present, I think there is something in the software that's stopping it...

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