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Job Queue - Enhancement

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Would it be possible to have the Job 'Outcome' available on the Job Queue main screen

Currently a 'failed' job just shows the 'status' which would be success as the process completed, even if it completed with a 'failed' outcome




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Unfortunately, this isn't something that the job queue can support. The issue is that the Outcome is an output parameter from the library PowerShell scripts you are running, not something inherent to every job, and so for jobs that don't produce that parameter, the column will be blank.

By design, the processing only parses the overall output of the job, populating the values for the configured output parameters, if the job itself succeeds. The thinking here is that if the job itself fails, then the output won't contain any valid information anyway.

The reason it works this way is that if the job itself succeeds, in that the PowerShell script was able to run, regardless of whether it achieved the intended results or not, the Outcome parameter, which does contain this information, can then be tested in workflows.


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