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Ability to change timeout for serviceportal

lee mcdermott

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I may have asked this before (have a vague recollection of maybe changing a setting for this somewhere?)

Is it possible to change the timeout value for the company home portal? I have a complaint from someone saying they spent ages completing a form, didn't quite finish as got side tracked and when they went back they had to start again as the session had timed out?




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Hi Teresa,

Any interaction with Hornbill will maintain the connection.  A timeout only occurs when the user has no interactions for the duration set in the setting communications.basicSessionIdleTimeout.  I believe the default is 900 seconds (15 minutes).  It's not unquestionable that a user may start a capture and be distracted for 15 minutes before returning to the capture.  You could try increasing this number and monitor if user's connections are still timing out.

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