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Hope you are well. We are looking at bringing our facilities Management into Hornbill.  What is the possibility of getting a new Asset Class added, called Facilities?,

where we would look to have their asset types, i.e. AC systems, Heating Pumps, Air conditioning etc . I don't have a break down yet of all attributes but similar to Computer Peripheral would be a good start



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@Francis von Stein

We would love to help support your Facilities Management function onto Hornbill and could certainly add more supporting Asset Classes to expand the CMDB.  However, just adding a generic one is a pretty bad idea as we will forever find it does not "quite fit". As you may know, our CMDB is structured in asses "classes" based on which, you can create multiple asset types of each class.  In order to look at this properly it would be helpful to get a complete understanding of the asset classes and types you might need, in order to identify the right structure.   

Do you have any current database? or spreadsheet of these facilities-type items? Is this something you could share privately, under NDA if needs be?


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