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Progressive Capture Questions/Summary Panel on Email Template

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Can anyone advise whether there is a way to add the content of the Progressive Capture summary panel to an email template using either a variable or a custom field? This would allow me to add the progressive capture responses to an email template without making a custom template for each progressive capture.






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One way to do this would be to have the Progressive Capture responses saved to the Description field (or any other field that is available to the email templates).   To do this you would need to include an Update Request automation within your BPM to append each Progressive Capture response to the field.  Once in the field, you just need to include the variable in the email template for that field.   So that you don't have duplicated questions, you can also have a BPM node to delete all the responses in the Questions section of the request.

Let me know if you think that this might work for you and if you need more details on how to set this up.



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Thanks for your response and yes I can see how this would work, it is a shame there isn't a variable to pull out the summary though as this is already formatted but I can see what I can do with feeding the description with the responses.

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