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ITOM SIS Server has a warning that it's out of date but the version installed is a higher number than what's available

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Good Afternoon all,

We're experiencing a strange error regarding our SIS server.

Please see the SIS Server updated message screenshot attached. It would seem that our version is out of date, but the version to update to is a lower number than the version installed. 

We have rebooted our server to see if this resolve the issue, but it hasn't resolved the issue.

I have also attached the screenshot of installed packages.

Do you have any ideas how we get around this issue, and ensure that our SIS Server is running the latest version?

Many Thanks


SIS Server update message.png


Installed packages.png

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Hi@Adam Toms,  thank you for your post. I can confirm that this is a known issue; relating to a later version of the unstalled SIS compared to that available on the live stream. Usually, due to a patched version of the SIS software, and will not cause any issues with the operation of your SIS. The problem will resolve itself once the latest SIS is release to the live stream; we will also be addressing the issue so that it no longer occurs for future patched releases.



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