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Progressive Capture - Next/Finish buttons.


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Morning all, 

I have a progressive capture as below that depending on a particular question routes the users to an alternative progressive capture. 


This works absolutely fine except that because of the decision it shows Next rather than Finish when the users are logging tickets.


If I remove the decision in the Progressive Capture then I get the Finish button as expected rather than Next. 

I am guessing this is some sort of back end decision making that needs reviewing as to when to present the Finish and when to present Next. 

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Hi Andy, 

The Finish button will only show when the last Progressive Capture form is displayed.  Because you have a decision node, the Required Information form when opened doesn't know which path it is going to take, so it doesn't know if it should show Finish or Next.  The path it is going to take isn't known until the Request Information  form has been passed and the Branch node has been reached, which then does the assessment to know which way to go.  

I know it might be one extra click for the user, but you could consider a custom form after the branch and before end that just contains a label field with some summary information about what they have selected or a notice about the delivery of the application.  

Let me know if you think that might work for you.



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