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Timeline not included in Print Out


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Following the Service Manager 2223 update, we have found that timeline entries are no longer being added to print outs.
Steps to replicate:
Open any Request
Click on the Print Icon
Leave all tick boxes checked (including Timeline)
Click Print
Select Save as PDF

What happens:
image.png.e64d5eab0848e069fd725f0cdeeac8e1.pngPreview shows blank entry under the Timeline section.

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Guest Ehsan

Hi @sprasad,

I have reviewed the logs and I can confirm that this feature has not seen any development for sometime now. The development team will look into this, we will aim to address this bug in the next Service Manager build.



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Guest Ehsan


We have identified the cause and was able to fix it pretty quickly. This will be applied to your instance by the end of play today.


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