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More than one (Azure) SSO certificate?

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I have my SSO certifcates expiring soon, so, I'll need to add a new one. Looking into my SSO profile, I see that I have more than one certificate set having different used count and expiry dates.

Do I need to add as much new certificates as the ones i have? Why more than one?




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@Alberto M why more than one is a question for your identity provider, Azure :) ... Hornbill is simply reading the SAML metadata provided by Azure  (or any idp for that matter) and adds the info from the metadata into the Hornbill SSO profile.

Iirc, in Azure you set a separate app for each domain you access in Hornbill. Therefore I am not surprised that each one f these apps will generate their own certificate which will be used for authentication in that particular domain. As such it is possible, actually mandatory to have all certificates on the Hornbill profile.

My advice would be to either set the auto renewal mechanism in Hornbill (if allowed) or just (re)import the SAML metadata which will bring across any new or updated info, including certificates.

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